Vistual Treatment could be the perfect way to meet your healthcare goals!

Whether you have challenges that make it difficult to leave work or home to access treatment/care, or you prefer the convenience of staying in, virtual appointments on your computer from the comfort/convenience of your home or office could be the perfect way to meet your healthcare goals.
A Virtual Physiotherapy appointment consists of:
  • One-to-one interaction over a PHIPA compliant, secure video platform
  • A thorough, subjective assessment of your history and current symptoms, and how they relate to your pain/decreased function.
  • A detailed objective assessment of your ability to move, specific range of motion, flexibility, strength
  • A detailed functional assessment will look at your movement patterns and determine if any motor-control deficits exist
  • Education on your condition and a specific plan of care which will outline healing timeframes, treatment recommendations, and home exercises
  • Exercise/self-treatment techniques such as, stretching, strengthening, self-joint mobilizations and muscle releases 
  • A detailed exercise sheet will be tailored to your needs and emailed following the appointment